Online Resources

CNC iNaturalist Video_2.mp4

Please feel free to access this video created by Rachel Vincent and her colleagues in the National Parks of Boston Education, Youth, and Volunteer Engagement Team. They have worked to develop a video on using iNaturalist. Within this video you can find great tips and tools to help you navigate the app and get started uploading your own observations!

We hope you’ll look carefully and document wildlife in your yard and neighborhood, to share your appreciation of nature and its biodiversity.

Since the pandemic began four years ago, many people have been spending more time in the great outdoors. It’s healthy to spend time outdoors, especially when you pay attention to plants and insects and birds and mammals and more. We encourage you to focus your attention on the local flora and fauna in your neighborhood and yard, and take care to preserve and treat natural spaces and creatures with respect. Natural spaces and their inhabitants are our neighbors; they deserve our care.

Exploring Nature In and Around Your Home

Ideas and resources to help you look for, find, attract, and document nature in your house or yard!

National Geographic has some excellent activities described on their website that can be done right in your own backyard. Some other fun activities that can be done to explore your local biodiversity include setting up camera traps or building your own insect catcher to find all sorts of critters. Even lights in front of your own house can be used to attract insects at night, something that Project PorchLight focuses on. We hope you stay safe while you observe and grow your appreciation of your natural surroundings.